Erin Tayloe Photography | Meet Erin


In love with all things classically vintage,
fields of flowers, & coffee in Stars Hollow.

I have an alter ego as a princess; I can drink 12 cups of coffee (in true Gilmore style) in one morning; I am a self-professed horrible laundry folder. God blessed me with a husband who doesn’t mind folding laundry and making the bed, a fun-loving puppy we call Oliver that I love more than my enormous closet of LulaRoe leggings and we are the proud parents of a little girl, Loralei, who has changed our lives for the better.

For us, life is about the little things:
the smiles, the giggles and the joyful moments.


I believe in moments of imperfect grace

The way you look into each other's eyes, the way you hold onto each other, the way you are together.


A simple click of the shutter captures these moments of life, feelings of love preserving them for generations to come.

I believe all couples deserve a  happily ever after with a lifetime of movie nights on the couch, daily walks hand in hand and tons of side-splitting laughter. See more of my "I believe's"

The experience

Being able to experience someone’s most important day right alongside them. I strive to be a friend throughout the process and not just there to take pictures, but to make their day less stressful and more enjoyable. I’m usually holding bouquets, wiping tears, fluffing dresses, fixing hair, and hugging brides before they walk down the aisle. I cherish that part of my job so much and am so honored to be able to play such a huge role in someone’s wedding day! It's about the whole experience, not just the end result but the whole journey of starting your life together. If you are looking for a friend in the process as well as someone to capture those moments, find one in me!

I’ve been photographing for over 10 years. It still blows my mind that I can call this work, and truly believe it is what God created me to do!

“A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people.”

— Annie Leibovitz