Erin Tayloe Photography | I believe

What better way to learn about me than to hear some of my "believe" statements to see what rattles around in my crazy head.

I believe that wiggling is a form of dancing....especially with a camera in my hand.

I believe in an authentic laugh can echo in the loudest of rooms.

I believe in dancing in the rain because it is more fun to add water.

I believe a genuine smile can wrap around your heart and never let go.

I believe a meaningful tear can hold a eternity of emotions, both sorrowful and joyous.

I believe that car music must be played loud with the windows down and singing along off key. Banging on the steering wheel with the beat is a welcomed option.

I believe in soft moments where you fold into each other to find support and comfort, where you can feel at peace.

I believe that a cup of coffee needs to be accompanied with a good conversation.....and a donut!

I believe there is no such thing as too much sparkle.

I believe that any moment can be left up to an authentic interruption.

I believe in the real life story more than the orchestrated perfection.

I believe that soft, tender smiles come from the deepest of your heart.

I believe in the quiet moments that might not always be pretty but are always authentic.